Come Collect Arboreal Lichens with Us!

Want to Collect Arboreal Lichens with Us?

Join the Selkirk Conservation Alliance as we collect arboreal lichens to support the endangered Selkirk Mountain Caribou recovery plan. Lichens collected will be sorted, dried, and used by the Kalispel tribe in a maternal pen program; which will protect pregnant cows and their newborn calves until they are strong enough to elude our predators. We have four group collections planned for the summer of 2017 (see our Facebook Events Section) or you can download the permits, carry with you, and collect on your own. Please be sure to follow all the guidelines in the Spring 2017 Sightlines Article and the specific permit you choose to collect under (IDL – East Side of Priest Lake or USFS – West Side of Priest Lake). Finally, be sure to bring any lichens you collect individually to our Celebasin event in August and perhaps win a prize! Thank you!

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Planning on Collecting Lichens?
Here are Some Handy Tips & Guidelines:

Collecting Lichens on USFS Land

Collecting Lichens on Idaho State Lands

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