Adopt a Stream

Help the SCA protect Priest Lake Water Quality 


 Did you know that:           

1.  Priest Lake tributaries are not meeting Federal Clean Water Act Cool Temperature standards           

2.  Warm Stream water adversely impacts fish spawning, aquatic vegetation growth, and oxygen levels           

3.  Logging potentially decreases solar shading increasing stream temperature and causes nutrient loading           

4.  In spite of increasing logging and historic deficiency listing, streams have not been consistently monitored – until now           

5.  The SCA has begun an organized stream monitoring program

preliminary data:  Caribou, Lion Head, Two Mouth, Bear Creek, Hunt branches, Indian, Cougar, Soldier Creeks continuous temperature monitors (Tidbits) through winter 2020/21  The SCA feels it is important to expand the monitoring program to include:           

All the major streams feeding East and West side Priest and Upper Priest Lake including Trapper, Upper Priest, Granite and Kalispell Creeks  

All that is needed is your support

How can I Help? 

Adopt a Priest Lake Stream  

Limiting resources for the SCA’s focus project include time, money and patience.  Adequate monetary funding however, is by far the major hurdle for expansion of this crucial program.   

You can adopt a stream at several financial levels:  

Bubbling Brook Level:  every donation is very much appreciated. Your dollars really do go a long ways in expanding this program  

Cutthroat Trout Level:  $250 purchases a “Tidbit” continuous temperature monitor which records downloadable temperatures of the stream every 15 minutes, 24/7 for two years and single laboratory for nutrient chemistries including N and PO4

Bull Trout Level:  $500 purchase the Tidbit temperature monitor, repeated annual chemistry testing as well as Stream Habitat and Physical Assessment. It also provides funding to help with education for water stewards to insure success of this program


What do I get for my donation?

1.          Most importantly, satisfaction for being a difference maker in keeping Priest Lake pristine

2.          Have your name added as an adopter of your favorite stream – possibly on the Tidbit housing itself, for all the spawning Salmonids to see

3.          Walk and wade your stream with other SCA volunteers to monitor the data and record Habitat and physical stream features

4.          Participate in educational opportunities to learn about stream Biology with opportunity to become certified as a “Master Water Steward” through IDAH2O

5.          Be the first to see the data as it unfolds