Greetings to all concerned SCA enthusiasts: Amy’s presentation at the last Lakes Commission meeting piqued my interest in volunteering my time to help “Keeping the wild in the Selkirk ecosystem.” Now I am a supporting Board member of SCA. Let me introduce myself to you. I have been a Bonner County resident for 40 plus years, initially homesteading 20 acres south of Priest River, then owning a home in Priest River, and now I am a homeowner in Sandpoint. My two children were raised in the area camping, canoeing, and hiking mostly in the lower Selkirk Mountain ecosystem and Priest Lake Watershed. This is still how I enjoy spending my time. Early on I made a living in North Idaho as a partner in a small cooperative independently acquiring reforestation contracts with the USFS and IDL in both Bonner and Boundary County. In the winter I enjoyed supplementing that work as an employee of Schweitzer Mtn Resort. Thinking of better retirement options I went back to school and recently retired from a later in life career change as an educator teaching many grades and subjects and always enjoying the hands on time we spent outdoors. As a retiree I find I have more time to try and give back to the area I love. I am passionate and energetic in my desire to help positively affect change in our environment. I am concerned and alarmed by the way the county is developing the area and the resulting detriment to our waterways and forests. Restoring the health of the lower Priest River is especially important to me. As a board member I would hope to have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of local issues, to learn the organization’s inner workings, and support other members/volunteers with environmental causes. Currently as a “citizen scientist” I volunteer with ICL’s newly acquired Lake Pend Oreille water monitoring project (previous years I worked with LPO Water Keepers), this is my 4th year surveying bumble bees with the Pacific NW Bumble Bee project, and I have recently become involved with The Great Old Broads for Wilderness. Retirement is agreeing with me! Thank you, Pam Duquette