Governance Committee

Martin Stacey (Chair).

• The purposes of this committee are to oversee the process of providing
SCA with strategic leadership, including setting direction, making
policy and strategy decisions, overseeing and monitoring organizational
performance, and ensuring overall accountability.

• Specifically: Board Succession – follow the process in the By-Laws
to recruit/identify Board candidates. Recruit and Hire an Executive
Director. Assure SCA conformance with SCA Articles of Incorporation,
SCA By-Laws, State/Federal Laws

SCA Finance Committee

Jon Quinn-Hurst (Chair).

• SCA has some significant finance issues and funding challenges. The
purposes of this committee are to track and report on SCA finances
and to implement a strategic approach to grant applications and
other funding opportunities.

SCA Issues Committee

James Lea (Chair).

• SCA is obligated and requested to engage or weigh-in on a multitude
of environmental issues affecting the Priest River Basin. Some
of these issues can be managed by the Executive Director; others
are more significant and require a Board opinion or position. The
issues committee enables timely SCA Board engagement and response.