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Two-Mouth Creek in Priest Lake State Forest ©Mark Sprengle

The Selkirk Conservation Alliance (SCA) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization funded by grants, private donations, and memberships. We are a grassroots organization with an all volunteer Board of Directors, minimal staff, and low administrative overhead. We rely almost exclusively on volunteer labor to carry out most of our monitoring projects.

The SCA advocates for conservation and protection of crucial and sensitive natural resources of the United States’ Selkirk Mountains; their watershed, forests, lakes, streams, and rivers. The SCA advocacy area is over 1.75 Million Acres (see
Advocacy Area Map). Our advocacy area includes lands on both sides of the Washington-Idaho border, extends north to the Canadian border, and includes the state of Idaho’s Crown Jewel,
Priest Lake as well as other important waterways.

The SCA works to stop the unnecessary destruction of forests and other critical habitats in this region, when their loss would negatively affect the threatened Selkirk Mountain Caribou, Selkirk Grizzly Bear, Bull Trout, wolves, and other sensitive wildlife and plant species.

Looking at Chimney Rock

Our first approach is not litigation. The SCA first seeks to find solutions to difficult problems by working with other stakeholders in our region. However, when solutions which protect sensitive resources are rejected, or when prejudice and pandering prevail over science and environmental protection law, we will initiate or join into litigation as necessary.

The Inland Temperate Rainforest of Idaho and northeastern Washington still retains almost all the plants and wildlife found here over 200 years ago when Lewis and Clark made their epic journey just to the south. It’s our privilege to be able to experience and enjoy this unique area, and our responsibility to ensure that this wonderful biodiversity remains. If you love the Selkirks, including Priest Lake and its surrounding watersheds, please join us today!