The Southern Selkirk Mountain ecosystem encompasses portions of northern Idaho, northeastern Washington and southern British Columbia. This ecosystem extends from Priest River to the south, northward to Nelson, British Columbia and from Metaline Falls, Washington on the west, eastwards to Bonners Ferry, Idaho. This ecosystem contains a flora and fauna assemblage that is unique to the lower 48 States. This ecosystem is the only one within the conterminous United States, which still contain woodland (mountain) caribou. Other wildlife species which may be found with this ecosystem are: grizzly bear, gray wolf, Canada lynx, fisher, American marten, moose, elk, mule and white-tail deer, mountain goat and bighorn sheep to name a few. The ecosystem also contains a unique assemblage of various owls species which include: barred owl, great gray owl, great horned owls, boreal owls, flammulated owl, saw-whit owl, northern pygmy owl, western screech owl, long eared owl, Northern hawk owl, snowy owl (winter) and barn owl.

We continue to be engaged with land management agencies in regards to proposed management activities within the Selkirk Ecosystem.