About Us


The Selkirk Conservation Alliance (SCA) is a 501(c)3 nonpartisan environmental nonprofit organization founded in 1986. SCA is one of north Idaho’s oldest environmental nonprofits and has been working to protect the land, air, forests, wetlands, wildlife and WATER of the lower Selkirk Mountains and Priest Lake Watershed (over 1.75 million acres) for the past 36 years.

Over the decades, SCA has focused our time, funding, volunteers and precious energy on many different environmental issues throughout the Priest Lake Watershed and lower Selkirk Mountains including (but certainly not limited to) habitat loss, deforestation, wildlife (terrestrial and aquatic) protection and conservation, regional stream, lake and surface water conservation and air pollution threats.

Recently, through an in depth strategic Board of Directors planning effort and development of a five year SCA Strategic Plan, SCA has decided to focus our limited staff time and funding on regional water quality protection and conservation.

To this end, SCA has several projects under our Scientific Research program working to protect regional lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands. In particular SCA has three citizen science water quality monitoring projects; Priest Lake tributary stream monitoring, Priest Lake water quality monitoring and our aquatic vegetation monitoring program. See more under Scientific Research Program!

SCA also has an Education Program that works to inform and educate the public about regional environmental issues that negatively impact our air, land, forests, wetlands, wildlife and water. Our goal is to cultivate an environmentally conscious community of active environmental stewards. We work to educate the community by giving free public/community talks and lectures & working with regional schools and partnering agencies, groups, associations, etc. to provide supplementary hands-on environmental education to our local youth. In addition, we work hard to keep up to date on issues and educate the community via regional media outlets and our social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram and our Sightlines newsletters.

In addition, SCA also has an Advocacy Program that actively advocates for regional natural resources stewardship and seeks to facilitate cooperative decision making on environmental issues through public education and promotion of grassroots activism. SCA seeks to cultivate an environmentally conscious and responsible public in the Priest Lake Basin engaging, educating and empowering our local community, young and old! Our greatest goal is to work with & educate the public on how they can create changes locally & address regional environmental degradation head on.

Citizens play a critical role in public agency oversight. SCA works to monitor the US Forest Service, Bonner, Boundary and Pend Oreille Counties, IDEQ, IDFG, ITD, IDL and others on activities, plans, policies, projects etc. that would negatively impact regional, land, air, wildlife, forests, wetlands and water. We develop and disseminate information, petitions and sign on letters, submit technical advice and comments, protest when necessary and conduct boots on the ground clean-ups and restoration projects.

The historic outcome of increased public oversight and awareness of regulatory agency plans, policies, projects etc. is BETTER land management and stewardship of publically owned natural resources including land, air, wildlife, forestry and water resources.

SCA has a small budget, staff of 1.5, and an exceptional volunteer Board which includes lifelong forestry & water quality professionals, medical doctors, PhD economist, university professors and a retired clinical social worker! Truly, our work is “powered” by our amazing volunteer community members.

Recent changes to the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act and other federal and state environmental regulations compounded with the effects of climate change and unchecked land use and development continue to threaten and harm the environmental health of our regional and national natural resources.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that individuals and communities become active stewards of their local environments, conserving, protecting and restoring our land, air & water for generations to come!