SCA is one of the oldest and ONLY environmental non-profit organizations that exists in northern Idaho. We are quite unique in that SCA has, for the last 36 years, been the nexus of conservation, environmental education and advocacy in our community. We have been working hard for the last 36 years to bring our community members voices to the table on regional land use issues that would negatively impact their local environments and natural resources, air, land, wildlife, forests and water.

Under the Advocacy pillar program we have boots on the ground projects such as clean-ups & restoration work as well as watchdogging federal, state and local government agencies for plans, projects, & development that would negatively impact our regional environment. SCA regularly challenges local governments and agencies through direct public engagement and grassroots education and direct actions.

SCA has aided in the permanent conservation of old growth forests, critical shoreline habitats & wetlands (and other) in our region and is always working to promote smart development that preserves the local environment for human and wildlife health.

Our strategic approach of non-partisan community engagement and free education has led to increased public oversight and greater awareness of regulatory and management agencies plans, projects, policies, and BETTER land management and stewardship of publicly owned natural resources in the lower Selkirk Mountain ecosystems and Priest Lake Watershed.

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