Stan’s academic background includes Undergraduate degrees in Education and Chemistry from CWU and Masters degrees in Environmental Science (Water Quality) and Engineering Management from WSU. His Masters degree research for the Environmental Science degree involved estimating groundwater loading of phosphorus to Liberty Lake. After completing the MS in Environmental Science (1977), Stan went to work at Spokane County on the Spokane Valley Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer.  That program is now Spokane County Water Resources. He worked in that capacity from 1983 until retirement in 2004.     

In 1985 He and his wife procured a leased lot on Cavanaugh Bay at Priest Lake. For the first decade or so due to the pristine nature of the Bay Stan only observed the quality of the lake visually. In 2012 Stan became an Idaho Master Water Steward and began collecting and testing water samples from the lake at their cabin site and in Cougar Creek just upstream from the mouth. In addition to the very limited water quality testing available through the water steward program, visual changes were also noted. First, came attached algae on the logs for the dock about 25 years ago. This coincided roughly with the appearance of 2 cycle engine personal watercraft in the mid 1990’s. Rooted aquatic plants first appeared about 5 years ago. These aquatic plants are still limited to several individual plants along our waterfront.